Capturing Lau was the first time in which Batman had to leave Gotham City for Hong Kong to capture a mafia accountant, Lau, who is residing at his company there, LSI Holdings.

Event Edit

When the Gotham City Police Department planned to seize the mob's remaining funds from their five listed banks, Lau took all of the the money and relocated it to Hong Kong so that they would not find it. However, Lucius Fox visited Lau's company, LSI Holdings, to cancel its deal with Wayne Enterprises, he gave Bruce Wayne a sonar-device that can lock onto cell phones and emit a visual image of the phone’s surroundings. That night, Batman infiltrated Lau's office, took out security and escape Hong Kong with Lau by attaching his grapple gun with a plane that would take them back to Gotham.

During the interrogation, Harvey Dent realized that he could charge the entire mob and was given their mob. The police arrested the entire mob, however, a few managed to make bail in court, including Sal Maroni and the Chechen. Realising the Joker was right, they decided to pay him to kill Batman.