Gerald Crane
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Name Gerald Crane
Other Aliases N/A
Alignment Neutral
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Gerald R. Crane was a construction worker and the father of Jonathan Crane, who left Jonathan and his mother and moved to Gotham City.

Biography Edit

Gerald Crane was a construction worker had a brief relationship with Karen Keeny, resulting in the birth of his son Jonathan. But since they weren't married, Karen's mother Marion raised their son, not intending to hide their contempt. The senior Crane thus left Marion and supposedly moved to Gotham City to resume his construction career (possibly in the employ of Daggett Enterprises). It was unconfirmed if he and Jonathan reunited when the latter attended college in Gotham, but if Gerald had learned about the misdeeds his son made on the entire city, he would've been ashamed and Blamed himself and Karen for not Raising Jonathan like should've.