The Magnetic Gas-Powered Grapple Gun is a grappling hook weapon designed by Lucius Fox at Wayne Enterprises that was acquired by Bruce Wayne when he began building his new identity as Batman. Magnetic and tested for 350 pounds, the gun is holstered on the back of the utility belt on his Nomex survival suit.

History Edit

Batman Begins Edit

After being introduced to the Applied Sciences Division, Bruce Wayne procured the grapple gun alongside a Nomex survival suit and the Tumbler. He later used the gun to get on a rooftop after Jonathan Crane set him on fire and used it to escape a bunch of prisoners under the influence of the the tormentor's fear toxin.

The Dark Knight Edit

Batman used the grapple gun multiple times during his final confrontation with the Joker, mostly notably to save a few hostages and the Clown Prince of Crime himself after knocking him over a ledge of the Prewitt Building.

The Dark Knight Rises Edit

Batman used the grapple gun against a group of robbers led by Bane who were escaping on their motorcycles with some hostages from the Gotham Stock Exchange, pulling one of them off of the vehicles and confronting him.

Behind the ScenesEdit


The prop was designed by Simon McGuire.