John Daggett
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Name John Daggett
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Alignment Bad
Depicted By Ben Mendelsohn
Appeared In The Dark Knight Rises
John Daggett was a rival billionaire socialite who tried to take control of Wayne Enterprises with the help of Bane by using Bruce Wayne's fingerprints in a transaction that bankrupted the company but the mercenary killed Daggeth when he no longer needed him.

Biography Edit

John Daggett rose to popularity as one Gotham City's most notable business tycoons after inheriting his family's company, Daggett Enterprises, from his father Roland, but he wanted more of this power and focused his sight on usurping control of Wayne Enterprises by employing illegal and unethical methods against it. According to intelligence agencies, Daggett hired Bane and his mercenaries to help secure diamond mines in West Africa before bringing them to Gotham to work with them on acquiring Bruce Wayne's fingerprints with help from cat-burglar Selina Kyle. However, Selina accepted the job only because she assumed Daggett had access to a clean slate tool that could erase her past, but he told her that it was a myth.

Dagget also authorized construction of Bane's underground base, but was unaware that his activists were helping the mercenary lace concrete with explosives all over the city and with more tasks. One of them was stalling Officer John Blake at the Gotham Stock Exchange to help give way for Bane and his men to escape. In order for this new plan against Wayne Enterprises to work, Bane used the fingerprints to break into the Stock Exchange and order a list of investments under Bruce's name, bankrupting him and lowering his company's share value. But Bruce became aware of this through Lucius Fox, who knew that Dagget bankrupted him, and put Miranda Tate in charge of the company instead. Daggett complained to Bane about it, and Bane asked Daggett's assistant, Phillip Stryver, to give them some privacy to talk the problem over. He then seized Daggett's once Stryver left and explained, "I'm necessary evil," before breaking Daggett neck. Blake later informed Jim Gordon at Gotham General Hospital that Daggett's body was found in a dumpster.