Ra's al Ghul's Wife
File:Placeholder person.jpg
Name Ra's al Ghul's Wife
Other Aliases Warlord's Daughter
Alignment Neutral
Depicted By India Wadsworth
Appeared In Batman Begins (mentioned only)

The Dark Knight Rises (flashback only)

Ra's al Ghul's Wife was the daughter of an Arabian warlord who married Ra's al Ghul prior to his recruitment in the League of Shadows, and mothered his daughter Talia.

Biography Edit

Born in the parentage of a warlord co-ruling an ancient part of the Arabian world, this young woman's family considered itself royal in the Arabia's upper-class and was prohibited for marriage by betrothal. She, however, chose to disobey this custom and meeting and falling in love with the skilled mercenary in her father's employ who would later be known as Ra's al Ghul, and the two secretly married. When her father found out, he planned to condemn Ra's to a nearby ancient prison known as the Pit, but she convinced him to exile her husband instead. This eventually left Ra's traveling the world until he joined an ancient vigilante society in Bhutan known as the League of Shadows, but unknown to him, the true price of his freedom was that Melisande had to take his place in the Pit. There, she gave birth to a daughter named Talia, who spent the first years of her life locked up with her mother. One day, the prison doctor forgot to lock the door to their cell, eventually giving the other inmates the opportunity to attack and murder the mother. Talia, on the other hand, was protected by a fellow prisoner she was able to befriend called Bane, who assisted her escape from the Pit and was brutally mutilated by the mob of fellow prisoners for it. Her mother's death was avenged when the girl found her father and brought him back with the League of Shadows to massacre the inmates except Bane, who was brought in and trained in the League alongside Talia until his excommunication by Ra's for being a reminder of the hell that his wife was left to die in.